September 23, 2015 Annual General Meeting


Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Hayden Public Library, Government Way, Hayden

Bryan Sullivan (President)
Barry Dexter (Vice-President)
Leon Strigotte (Treasurer)
Hilary Caisley (Secretary)
Tim Scott
Chad McElvany

18 households represented
27 proxies

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM by Bryan Sullivan, President. Date, time, location, record of attendance and items in possession were recorded.

Bryan welcomed those present and introduced Board members. Members in attendance were recorded, proxies gathered and a quorum established.

Domesticated Landscape/CC&R’s:

Tim presented Domesticated Landscape to be introduced into the CC&R’s as a supplement. Very important that yards and trees be held to a high standard to maintain property values. As a safety precaution trees up to 12 ft. overhanging fences on the perimeter will be cut back to avoid mishaps with pedestrians, this will be paid by Association. Perimeter trees costly, recent bid $500/tree, guaranteed for one year. More bids forthcoming. Normally homeowners violating CC&R’s receive warning letters. However, no letters went out recently until our new insurance cover went into effect. The cost $1400/yr. It was pointed out that the City provides free trees. These, however not suited to our environment and will be replaced with trees native to N. Idaho.

Treasurer’s Report:

Leon gave a visual presentation showing 2015 expenses to date with projected expenses for last quarter. Annual dues will be increased by $50.00 for a total of $155/yr. Costs will rise in 2016 and we want to be able to meet those costs. A special assessment may be introduced in the future to create a capital fund. This will be used for upgrading of perimeter fencing, painting of mail box bases, and perimeter tree replacement. The question of putting gates in the perimeter fence for easy access was raised. This will be investigated. Right now we are spending more than we take in. Leon had originally requested dues be raised to $185/yr. Some homeowners said they would be happy to pay that amount to maintain integrity of Lake Forest. The new web page is expanding and we are encouraging everyone to use it. We need e-mail addresses, (none of which will be used outside the board). In 2016 we are encouraging homeowners to pay dues by direct debit using credit or debit cards. This will save an enormous amount in printing and postage.

Election Proceedings: We need 3 new members for the board. Mike Westray volunteered. He was unanimously voted on!

Other business: Bryan and Hilary were presented with a plaque to recognize their service to the Association.

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Submitted by:
Hilary Caisley, Secretary

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