October 20, 2016 Board Meeting Minutes


Board Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2016
1230 W. Bentwood Loop, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815


Call the Meeting to Order
President Tim Scott at 6:33 PM

Board Members Present:

Tim Scott – President
Larry Barnes – Vice President
Karen Howell – Treasurer
Chad McElvany – Secretary
Michael Westray – Board Member
Ben Palo – Board Member
Bill Caisley – Board Member

Scheduled Items:

  1. Treasurer Report:
    • Checking: $2404.57
    • Savings: $24,370.97
    • New signers on US Bank Account: Tim Scott, Karen Howell, Larry Barnes.
    • Create new account in QuickBooks was discussed because Karen was finding it difficult to balance the checking account statements with QuickBooks. It was decided by the board that instead of creating a new account on QuickBooks we would seek the assistance of a certified CPA accountant to audit, balance and reconcile the account. A motion was made by Ben Palo, seconded by Larry Barnes and approved by the board. Karen Howell will oversee this and report to the board. President Tim Scott said that he would like to be present at these meetings.
    • Move collections of Annual Dues to February: President Tim Scott presented the possibility of moving our Annual Collections of Annual Dues to February, he felt that it would be easier on our members because of the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Annual dues would be sent out December 28th and become due on February 5th of each year. All dues collections would be in the current year they are due and make posting easier for balancing QuickBooks as well as preparing future budgets. A motion was made by Larry Barnes to accept the new schedule, seconded by Bill Caisley and approved by the Board.
  2. Digital archive of Association Documents: President Tim Scott stated that he hopes to have all association documents digitally saved dated back seven years by mid-summer, 2017. Vice President Larry Barnes will assist on this.
  3. Production of Fall News Letter: The fall/winter newsletter will be ready to send out to our member by the second week of November. President Scott asked for suggestions for items to be addressed in the letter.
  4. Code Enforcement/Secretary: President Tim Scott had a prior discussion with Secretary Chad McEvany about the possibility of shifting that responsibility to Board Member Bill Caisley, Chad was receptive to the idea and Bill Caisley was open to the idea as well. The Secretuary position would include the sharing of code enforcement. President Scott would monitor code enforcement from the south side of Canfield Avenue south and the secretary would monitor Canfield Avenue north. This divides the responsibility of code enforcement evenly between two board members. The board was in favor of this move and Bill said he will get back to the board on the issue.
  5. Mailboxes: Cleaned and painted on September 29, 2016 by JMax Coatings of Coeur d’Alene, ID.
  6. New/Old Business: Ben Palo asked if it would be beneficial to approach a home security company on the possibility of presenting to our members a group plan of installing home security systems at a reduced rate. Ben will research this and report back to the board.

Closed Meeting: 7:27 PM

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