Board Meeting Minutes – April 6, 2017

Board of Directors Meeting – April 6, 2017

Lake Forest Property Owners Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
January 19, 2017
1230 W. Bentwood Loop, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815


Call the Meeting to Order
President Tim Scott at 6.31 PM

Board Members Present:
President Tim Scott, Vice President Larry Barnes,
Treasurer Karen Howell,
Board Member Ben Palo, Board Member Chad McElvaney

Guests:     Steven and Susan Morris 6969 Windy Pines

Scheduled Items:

  1) Minutes January 19, 2017 Reviewed.
       -Motion: Larry, Second: Ben, All approved
  2) Treasurer Report: 
     A) Checking: $22,600.03
     B) Savings: $21,379.22
     C) Capital Fund Balance: As of 2017 collections. 
        122 Paid Members @ $30.00 = $3,660.00
     D) Merchant Account: Closed
     E) Annual Dues Collection: As of April 6, 2017
        122 Paid
        7 Owe- Tim and Karen will be sending out additional notices and late fees
        Total Outstanding $1,314.46
  3) Michael Westrey Update: Very ill,long recover ahead.  
     Mike’s wife agrees that he should be removed from the board.  
     Board discussed removal of a board member and Tim read from 
     the Bylaws: Vacancy & Removal citing Sections 5.3, 5.5, 6.3.  
     Tim recommends replacing Mike’s seat on the board with Dudley Tomasi, who ran for the board at the AGM.  Larry- Motion to remove 
     Michael Westrey from the board and approach Mr. Tomasi. Second: Ben, All in favor. Dudley Tomasi lives at 1165 W Canfield. 

  4) Fire hydrant marker rods need to be removed. Chad agreed to remove
  5) Website Control: 
     Larry Barnes has been given access to the website design so the Association can add or remove items like newsletters,
     His access is limited and Lu Myser of NW Concepts is maintaining control over the more intricate and complicated
     items. Lu bills at $35.00 an hour. 
  6) Spring projects:
     A) Two trees to be replaced:  Tim will provide pictures of the trees to be replaced to Chad so he can forward to the 
        Cougar Gulch Lawn Care and Landscaping for a bid on the project. 
     B) Root enhancer application: No need to purchase, Chad has some leftover from last year’s tree planting project. 
        Will apply when there is an extended break in the rain.
     C) LFPOA Fence repair: Larry- question as to whether perimeter fence is responsibility of LFPOA or homeowner.  
        Ben Palo had previously offered to do the fence repairs but called city and was advised that he and LFPOA would need 
        to be bonded in the event some unforeseen thing happened, therefore he rescinded his offer for he and Chad to 
        replace planks.  Board agrees to table fence repair discussion until project is fully vetted against bylaws and 
        LFPOA responsibility/ liability.
 7)  Member Requests:
     A) Morris 6969 Windy Pines:  R & R 1.15 Landscaping.  Review of pictures.  
        Motion to approve request: Ben, Second: Larry, all in favor.
     B) Kaufman 6861 Windy Pines:  R & R 1.15 Landscaping Request to remove 2 front lawn trees, roots taking over yard.  
        Bill Caisley has been communicating with the Kaufman’s on their request.  He deferred to Chad as the tree expert.  
        Chad recommended removal and replacement of trees with native species, preferably a conifer.  
        Motion to approve request: Chad, Second: Ben, all in favor.
     C) Kain 6417 Windy Pines:  R & R 1.15 Landscaping  Request to remove tree because roots are encroaching on irrigation, 
        home and sidewalk.  
        Request was approved under the understanding that another tree must be planted in the front yard in accordance with 
        Section 1.15 of the R&R’s.  
        Motion to approve request: Ben, Second: Larry, all in favor.
     D) Bateman 1202 Bentwood Loop: R & R 1.15 Landscaping, 1.7 Completion of Projects 
        Request to remove lawn on side of house and replace with gravel or concrete for additional parking as well as remove 2 trees. 
        Project must be completed within 90 days as stated in Section 1.7 of the R&R’s. Motion to approve: Larry, Second Ben, 
        Tim commented that he approved with stipulation to complete in timely manner according to bylaws.; all in favor.
     E) Henderson 6729 Windy Pines: R & R 1.15 Landscaping. 
        Tim stopped a tree removal service at this residence for removing trees without board approval.  
        Request to remove 5 trees, 2 of which have already been removed.  Homeowner has safety concerns of trees being blown over.  
        Contractor scheduled for Friday, April 7, 2017. Motion to approve request: Karen, Second: Larry, all in favor.
  8) Member Fence Maintenance: R & R 1.1 Exterior Appearance, 1.5 Fencing, CC & R 6.5,
     Review of member fences that are in need of repair. 
     Motion to send out letter to members: Larry, Second: Karen, all in favor.

  9) Dead Tree: 
     1242 Bentwood Loop, Letter sent 4-25-16. Article of Incorporation, Article III Purposes and Powers. Review pictures, board agrees 
     that tree needs to be removed ASAP.  Tim will send certified letter to homeowner.

 10) New/Old Business: 
     Tim asked for ideas on the spring newsletter.  Ben- follow up on neighborhood alarm system discount idea not going to work 
     with alarm company sales folks operating on commission.

Closed Meeting: 7:30 PM


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